NYC to LA: Bi-coastal is the way to be

27 Sep

In response to LA Weekly’s article: “The six types of transplants ruining LA” (

The #1 transplant that is ruining LA: The New Yorker. Lets put aside our differences and celebrate being bi- coastal beings. As a guilty member of the hater club, I decided to put aside the L.A bashing (this week) and redeem myself.

Here are 10 reasons NYC & LA is the perfect union.

1. Museums/ Culture

If you seek it, you shall find it. Both NYC and LA is bursting with a vibrant arts & culture seen.

New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), Guggenheim, The Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET), The New Museum, Museum of Jewish Heritage, and Whitney Museum of American Art are a few of my favorite go to places.

Los Angeles has its own artistic goodies.  The Getty Center, Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), Getty Villa, The Griffith observatory, Venice Beach Canals and the Museum of Tolerance.

If you’re looking for your botanical fix, check out Brooklyn’s Botanical Gardens or LA’s Huntington Gardens.


LACMA, Los Angeles


Venice Beach Canals, Los Angeles

2. Trendy Brunch Places

These weekend winners hang out at the trendiest brunch places in their city. You can find these creatures professionally sippin’ on their Unlimited mimosas and Rum punch.

In LA, these brunchers can be found at trendy places like Sunny Spot, The Mercantile, Hyperion Public, The Hudson, Cecconi’s, Mr. C’s, Eveleigh, and Bottega Louie.

Angelinos take their brunching seriously. There’s even a go to guide in September 2013’s L.A Mag- –

Meanwhile on the streets of NYC, brunch trendsetters sip their mimosas at Clinton St. Baking Company, Jane, Penelope (what’s with all these names?), Southern Hospitality, Essex Restaurant, The Sunburnt Cow, Poco, and Le borricou.


Unlimited Mimosas & Rum Punch at Sunny Spot, Los Angeles


L.A Magazine, September 2013 

3. Hipsters

Hate on hipsters all you want but we all secretly want to brunch with them.  Your favorite trendy brunch place is often located in hipster Utopia. While getting tipsy enough to pay $15 for your omelet you may be sitting in the heart of hipsterville.

Each coast provides secluded areas for these poorly dressed unique beings.

L.A’s hipsters reside in neighborhoods like Silverlake, Venice Beach, Downtown L.A, Los Feliz, Echo Park, and Culver City.

N.Y’s hipsters inhabit areas like Williamsburg, Park Slope, and Jersey City.


4. Uber & Lyft

It’s no NYC taxi, but it will get you there sober or tipsy. Okay, so you can’t raise your hand on a street corner and plop your drunk ass behind in the back of a cab. Simply pull up your Lyft or Uber app and you can cab it home in the same fifteen minutes without having to flag down a cab like a city hooker.


Lyft Car, Los Angeles

5. Nature

LOL, NYC. I guess there’s always central park.


Escondido Canyon Falls, Malibu

6. College Campus Towns


N.Y.C- NYU & Columbia

These hubs of college creatures take over once cheap real estate in our cities and jack it up for us. To boost our economy?

They nest themselves within proximity of their beloved alma maters armed with daddy’s money or a loan that looks like an attractive salary.


 U.S.C, Los Angeles

7. Unemployment

Los Angeles tops this one with a 9.8% versus New York, which sits at 8%. There are just as many unemployed finance guys as there are actors. While actors make great waiters, finance guys are relatively useless when unemployed.


8. Complaining about traffic commutes

Rush hour is rush hour whether you’re sitting in your car or on a train. New York City may have an active transportation system but commuters still cant avoid rush hour traffic.

While Angelinos are jamming to their radio and enjoying their AC, New Yorkers are crammed in subway cars like sardines (smelly, smelly sardines) while a man named bubba looks like he’s about to cop a feel.

“See something, say something.”


Driving in Santa Monica, Los Angeles

9. Expensive Real Estate

From Hollywood to Times Square, aside from the bright lights and heavy foot traffic, expensive real estate is everywhere. While New Yorkers party in Lofts and high rises, Angelinos party in mansions and hot tubs.


Poolside, Los Angeles

10. Atlantic City & Las Vegas

Atlantic City is to a New Yorker what Las Vegas is to an Angelino.  When a New Yorker wants to let lose, gamble, and do a little outlet shopping, they gather up their pose’ and head over to the A.C slots. When Angelinos want to party like New Yorkers (4 A.M-last call, bitches!) they drive over to Vegas for shenanigans past the 2 A.M mark.


Wet Republic pool party, Las Vegas



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